The Truth About The Recruitment Process

Ever wondered why you hear nothing back from an employer despite knowing that you are a perfect match for the job? read on...

Ever wondered what the competition is like for each job? read on...

The Myth

  • You see a job advert

  • You send in your CV

  • The employer reads through your CV

  • If the employer sees that your skills and experience match then you're shortlisted

  • An interview is arranged

  • Good Skills, Good Experience & A Good CV gets the interview

red cross

The Truth

  • You see an advert

  • You send in your CV

  • A person filters CV's by scanning each one, typically 4 seconds is spent glancing at the front pages of a CV, looking for keywords to select it & negative words or errors to reject it.

  • About 10 CV's are selected to be read

  • About 4 interiews per position are arranged

  • Good is Not Good Enough

green tick the rtutch of recruitment

Who are you up against?

There are more applications than ever for every job, below is a clip form the application portal of a recruitment company, just look at the number of application for each job...

Postcodes are obscured for the privacy of the recruiting company.

Over 1100 applications for 1 job, now you can see why your CV is only quickly scanned for the first selection and why it is so important to use the best techniques to pass the 4 second test.

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