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What we do

the-cv-service.com is staffed by senior recruitment people who have spent decades in recruitment. We know exactly what a recruiter or employer wants to see in a CV and just as importantly what they don't want to see. We offer helpful advice that has one purpose only, to put you into the job you want; We have no other goals so our attention is 100% on you and your career. We produce CV's for all types people to suit all types of jobs, no matter what the industry you're in or looking to enter.


Your consultant will be chosen to best meet your career goals and industry type. The consultant you speak with will be the person who writes your CV and they will ensure that they understand exactly what you want to achieve.

Other Languages

We are adding new languages as fast as we can, currently we offer English, Spanish, Swedish, French, German, Polish


We are linked with specialist recruitment companies covering many sectors.


Like any other area recruitment changes with time and CV's need to change to suit what recruiters and employers need and expect to see. Styles, language and content have to move with the times, we ensure we are always on top of all recruitment trends and requirements.

Job board applications

We will ensure that our CV will be optimised for use with job board technology. This means that your CV will contain the key words and phrases to suit your needs ensuring it is easily picked up by job board search engines.

Here to help

If you need help find that perfect job or even just to find any job we can help. We can build LinkedIn profiles and get you connected with thousands of people who can help you. We can get your CV in front of suitable companies or on job boards that employers trawl every day.


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