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  • Yes, we regularly do this. If in the unlikely event that we can’t we’ll give you your money back, you have nothing to lose.

    • Make your CV more concise
    • Target your CV to your desired role
    • Explain complicated achievements in short bullets
    • Make it more legible
    • Improve the relevance

  • Yes. We are yet to receive a CV that we couldn’t improve. Most of the CV's we receive can be drastically improved. We used to count the errors we found in received CV's but stopped in the end as it was taking so long!

  • A.Of course this depends on your existing (if any) CV but typically the first areas we will look at are:

    • presentation
    • length
    • balance
    • legibility
    • relevance
    • focus
    • 4 second test
    • We also look a much more but the list above normally turns any CV into an interview winning tool.

  • Dependant on your goals, industry and role a highly experienced (20y minimum) consultant will be selected for you. All our consultants are full time and in house, we don't send out your CV to freelancers and contractors as so many CV writers do.

  • You can order directly online, and you are also welcome to call us and place your order over the telephone.

  • Prices for all our standard products are listed on the order page, other services that may suit you are quoted on an individual basis.

  • Our consultants are in high demand all of the time. We offer rush services and can have a CV ready in a matter of hours. Our standard service usually delivers in 5 days. Full details are on the order page.

  • Actually we think they are exceptionally good value, even our Diamond service pays for itself if it only gets you a new job 1 single day quicker. Our CVs are excellent tools that can pay for themselves time and again.

  • That's fine. We can build you a CV from scratch. This is normal as we normally only use existing CV's as a source of information and write the new CV from scratch anyway.

  • Yes, if you change your mind before we start work we will refund in full, or on a pro-rata basis if you change your mind mid-process. If you send us a CV that we feel cannot be improved we will let you know and refund any CV writing fees already paid. No refunds are given once we have done the work.


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